Daily Challenge History: The first 5 posts ever!

We took a look back through Daily Challenge history to find the first 5 comments ever posted on the feed! Today, you can scroll the DC feed for hours and still not have time to read all the thousands of comments and stories our members write every day. Here's where it all began, 5 years ago this week!

Challenge: "Focus on just one task or activity for 15 minutes today."

"Owned it. Again. "

"This is a strikingly appropriate challenge for today! Focusing on one task or activity has been critical today!"

"I remained focused."

"That's right, I've done it! I went around and tried everything out. In fact, I'm still focused."

"I forgot to do this last night, but I just did it now. 60 points ain't bad :)"

Do you remember your first challenge?

Celebrating Daily Challenge: How Have YOU Changed in 5 Years?

A lot can change in 5 years! Since 2010, Daily Challenge has grown to more than 300,000 members who have completed more than 20 million challenges together. As part of DC's 5th birthday celebration, we asked a few members of the MeYou Health team to share one thing that's changed about their lives in the past 5 years.

What about you? What's changed in the last 5 years? Tell us in the comments below!

Celebrating 5 years of small actions: Top 5 Most Popular Challenges

Daily Challenge turns 5 years old this week, and we want to celebrate with you! Check the blog each day this week for a new post from the team or a fun tidbit of DC history.

To start off the celebration, we looked at our nearly 2,500 challenges and found the top 5 most popular challenges ever! How many of these have you marked DONE?


#5: Say thank you to someone at least 1 time today.

#4: Curl your fingers into a fist, then straighten them. Repeat 9 times.

#3: Incorporate fruit into one meal today.

#2: Write down 1 word that describes how you want your day to go.

And, the most popular daily challenge to date is . . .

#1: Pledge to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep tonight.


Do you have a favorite challenge that's not on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Share your story with us!

Has Daily Challenge made an impact on your life or boosted your well-being? We’d love to hear from you . . . in person!

The MeYou Health team is looking for members of the Daily Challenge community who are eager to talk about their experiences on camera. Your story can be as big or small as you like. You can talk about how Daily Challenge has impacted your life and general well-being, or share a story about a pact, a connection you made, or a memorable challenge. It’s up to you!

If you live in the Boston area, we’d love to invite you to visit our office, eat lunch with us, and answer a few questions about DC. If you’re willing to share but would rather have us come to you, we can make that happen, too. Submit your name and email address below if you’re interested!

Not in the Boston area but still want to share your story? No problem. Shoot your own video (one minute or less) and email it to socialmedia@meyouhealth.com.

Thanks! We can’t wait to hear your story.

PLEASE NOTE: Only fill out the form below if you are located in the Boston area and able to visit our office in person. Otherwise, feel free to share your story in the comments section!


Update on missing Daily Challenge emails

During some routine work, an error affected Daily Challenge from Sunday, April 19, 4 PM EST to Monday, April 20, 10:45 AM EST. Some Daily Challenge emails weren’t delivered while the error was being fixed. You may not have received your challenge, reminder, or other emails during that time.

If you didn’t receive your email, today’s challenge is still waiting for you! To complete your challenge, visit www.dailychallenge.com or open the Daily Challenge app on your iPhone or Android.

We apologize for any confusion, and we’re adding safeguards to prevent this from happening again. Enjoy today's challenge and have a great day!

Announcing 45 New Ways to Celebrate Your Achievements

 Learn creative ways to eat healthy in the Better Eating track!

Learn creative ways to eat healthy in the Better Eating track!

Hey there, DC! We’ve got more fun updates to report. You can now earn stamps for completing challenges in each of our 45 tracks.

Daily Challenge tracks let you focus on the small actions that matter to you most. Whether you want to add more movement and physical activity to your day, eat healthier, or reduce stress, there’s a track out there for you. Choose what you’d like to focus on, try some tracks, and collect stamps as you go!

 Relax body and mind in the Stress Relief track.

Relax body and mind in the Stress Relief track.

The 45 new stamps were specially designed for each track, except for the Everyday Well-Being track. If you have been in a track in the past, you will need to start it once more to work toward the associated stamp.

Which track will you try first? Good luck!

Check out the new view!

More small actions are happening behind the scenes of Daily Challenge!

Here are a few changes you can expect to see next time you scroll through posts from your connections and other Daily Challenge members:

1) We’ve updated the “How I Did It” feed to make it easier than ever to catch up with your Daily Challenge friends! Before, you were only able to see posts from connections in the same track as you. Now, you will see posts from your connections in different tracks.

2) If a connection is in a different track, a short description of their challenge and the name of the track will appear below their post. You can click on the description to see the full challenge, or click on the name of their track to learn more about it.

3) Exercise challenges are now accompanied by instructional videos! If you're in the Everyday Well-Being track, you may have noticed video demonstrations under the description of the challenge. Allison, Daily Challenge’s Health Writer, has starred in most of the videos posted so far, but keep an eye out for cameos by other members of the DC team from time to time!

Well-Being, Unlocked: Unlimited Access to Tracks

Big news from the Daily Challenge team – it’s now even easier to focus on the small actions you care about the most! Rather than managing tokens or waiting to exchange them for keys to unlock tracks, you are now free to start any of our 46 tracks at any time. Tokens and keys have been removed from Daily Challenge to give you the chance to further personalize your well-being improvement journey.

Our tracks cover all aspects of well-being: from mental, emotional, and social health to community involvement, stress relief, healthy eating, and physical fitness. We even have tracks just for expecting moms, new moms, and new dads! Check out our list of free tracks and start giving your well-being some special attention.

Each track lasts for 28 or 35 days, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in it the whole time. If the challenges in a track aren't right for you, simply start a different track or switch back to the Everyday Well-Being track. While you’re in a track, you will still be able to interact with and encourage your personal connections, regardless of which track they are in. Once you’ve completed all the challenges in a track, you can start a new track or automatically resume the Everyday Well-Being track.

We’re excited to give the Daily Challenge community open access to all that tracks have to offer. Stay tuned for more improvements to Daily Challenge, including new tracks and new achievements related to tracks! If you’ve tried tracks before, tell us about your favorites in the comments.

Meet Allison, Daily Challenge’s New Health Writer!

This spring, Allison Bland arrived at MeYou Health from Baltimore, MD, with a fresh perspective and style – writing style, that is (although the other elements of her style are pretty cool, too). Hailing from Indiana and later Long Island, New York, Allison graduated from McGill University in Montreal and earned a graduate degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. When she moved to Boston to work for MeYou Health, Massachusetts became the fifth state she's lived in over the last 10 years!

Outside of work, Allison claims she’ll go anywhere out of her way for a slice of key lime pie – but coincidentally, her apartment is now right next door to a pie shop. She spends much of her time adventuring with her boyfriend and her dog, a 9-year-old cocker spaniel-poodle mix named Lover Boy. At MeYou Health, Allison is a writer on the content team and her primary focus is creating new content for Daily Challenge. She has written all of the new challenges you’ve seen in the last few months!

To learn more about Allison, check out her answers to the 5 questions below. Feel free to say “hello” in the comments section!

What brought you to MeYou Health?

I've always been interested in combining science, health, and writing, so I've looked for work that brings those fields together. Before coming to MeYou Health, I was the social media and community manager for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. While preparing for a move to Boston with my boyfriend (and dog, Lover Boy), I was researching companies and came across MeYou Health. I was really excited to find out that they were looking for someone to write about health and well-being.

What is your role in Daily Challenge?

Each week, I write new challenges for the Everyday Well-Being track. Reading feedback on the challenges from members each day has really helped me get to know the Daily Challenge community. I also support the rest of the Daily Challenge team with "word magic" for new features.

Do you have a favorite type of challenge to complete or write about?

I love to cook, so it's fun to complete food-related challenges. When I scroll through the feed, I always find great ideas from other members for healthy meals and snacks. My recent move from Baltimore to the Boston area also gave me a few ideas for new challenges. One was to research where to recycle electronics in your community, and another was to find a recipe for a forgotten item in your freezer or pantry. I'm happy to say that I completed these challenges in the process of packing and sorting through all my stuff!

What are some sources of inspiration you use when writing challenges?

I read magazines and blogs like Consumer Reports, Real Simple, and The New York Times Well Blog for the latest health research and news. I find myself looking for challenges in my daily life, too - my friend complaining about lower back pain inspired an exercise challenge, while nearly tripping over a pile of loose cords prompted a safety challenge.


What's coming up for Daily Challenge that you're most excited about?

One thing I'm working on right now is a new track focused on core strength. The track will be full of exercises to improve your posture and challenge the muscles in your back, stomach, glutes, and hips. Look out for the new track coming soon!

Small Actions Behind the Scenes

Hello, Daily Challenge members!

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve removed the Well-Being Assessment feature from Daily Challenge. This means that you will no longer be able to take the assessment or get your well-being score within Daily Challenge. This feature has been moved to its new home, Well-Being Tracker (wellbeingtracker.com), which is currently a private, invite-only program. Daily Challenge will continue to operate as it always has in every other way.

Well-Being Tracker is a new MeYou Health product specifically designed to host the scientifically validated well-being assessments developed by our parent company Healthways in partnership with Gallup. These groundbreaking assessments build off the national survey of well-being known as the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (www.well-beingindex.com). We will keep you informed as Well-Being Tracker becomes more widely available.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on enhancements to MeYou Health’s suite of well-being products.

If you have any questions about the change, please contact our support team at support@dailychallenge.com.

Keep up the small actions,
Your friends at Daily Challenge