Check out the new view!

More small actions are happening behind the scenes of Daily Challenge!

Here are a few changes you can expect to see next time you scroll through posts from your connections and other Daily Challenge members:

1) We’ve updated the “How I Did It” feed to make it easier than ever to catch up with your Daily Challenge friends! Before, you were only able to see posts from connections in the same track as you. Now, you will see posts from your connections in different tracks.

2) If a connection is in a different track, a short description of their challenge and the name of the track will appear below their post. You can click on the description to see the full challenge, or click on the name of their track to learn more about it.

3) Exercise challenges are now accompanied by instructional videos! If you're in the Everyday Well-Being track, you may have noticed video demonstrations under the description of the challenge. Allison, Daily Challenge’s Health Writer, has starred in most of the videos posted so far, but keep an eye out for cameos by other members of the DC team from time to time!