Well-Being, Unlocked: Unlimited Access to Tracks

Big news from the Daily Challenge team – it’s now even easier to focus on the small actions you care about the most! Rather than managing tokens or waiting to exchange them for keys to unlock tracks, you are now free to start any of our 46 tracks at any time. Tokens and keys have been removed from Daily Challenge to give you the chance to further personalize your well-being improvement journey.

Our tracks cover all aspects of well-being: from mental, emotional, and social health to community involvement, stress relief, healthy eating, and physical fitness. We even have tracks just for expecting moms, new moms, and new dads! Check out our list of free tracks and start giving your well-being some special attention.

Each track lasts for 28 or 35 days, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in it the whole time. If the challenges in a track aren't right for you, simply start a different track or switch back to the Everyday Well-Being track. While you’re in a track, you will still be able to interact with and encourage your personal connections, regardless of which track they are in. Once you’ve completed all the challenges in a track, you can start a new track or automatically resume the Everyday Well-Being track.

We’re excited to give the Daily Challenge community open access to all that tracks have to offer. Stay tuned for more improvements to Daily Challenge, including new tracks and new achievements related to tracks! If you’ve tried tracks before, tell us about your favorites in the comments.