Daily Challenge History: The first 5 posts ever!

We took a look back through Daily Challenge history to find the first 5 comments ever posted on the feed! Today, you can scroll the DC feed for hours and still not have time to read all the thousands of comments and stories our members write every day. Here's where it all began, 5 years ago this week!

Challenge: "Focus on just one task or activity for 15 minutes today."

"Owned it. Again. "

"This is a strikingly appropriate challenge for today! Focusing on one task or activity has been critical today!"

"I remained focused."

"That's right, I've done it! I went around and tried everything out. In fact, I'm still focused."

"I forgot to do this last night, but I just did it now. 60 points ain't bad :)"

Do you remember your first challenge?